Wall Street Journal: Rafting the Ganges River: An Adrenaline Rush with Divine Rewards

The Beatles sought spiritual enlightenment in Rishikesh, a Himalayan mountain town on the banks of the Ganges. These days, it’s a white-water-rafting hub, offering more physical highs

SWEPT overboard by the churning rapids of the Ganges River, our rafting mate struggled in his life jacket and helmet to get back to our boat, terror flashing in his eyes. I sat closest to his flailing hands and the rest of the rafting group shouted for me to get a hold of him.


Perfect Getaway from Cities

Atali Ganga is a one stop shop for people who want to have a memorable and active vacation, but without the qualms of planning and waiting in lines. The resort has plenty of facilities from adventure sports, such as rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, to active exploration of the property through hiking and organised picnics.