Aparna has an undergraduate degree in Economics from St Stephens College and a masters degree in Business from Carnegie Mellon University. She has spent 13+ years in the Corporate world in various leadership roles across Management Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing with companies such as Living Media India Ltd, Price Water House Coopers, GE/Genpact and Infosys BPO & has worked in global roles in India and across Europe. She lived in New Delhi, Pittsburgh (USA) and London (UK) while holding leadership positions in business development, operations, client management and strategy.

In 2011 Aparna followed her passion for the ceramic arts and decided to reinvent herself completely – leaving the high paced corporate world she set up The Clay Company – a small company dedicated to the ceramic arts. The company produces ceramics for business and retail sale but has a huge focus on teaching pottery.

Aparna joined Aquaterra in 2012 and brought her creative side to be closely involved with the day-to-day running of Atali, Ganga. At Atali Ganga, Aparna manages the kitchen and enjoys running it as an extension of her home, bringing in old family recipes, adding and inventing, experimenting and evolving the menu while maintaining its signature ‘home-style’ feel it is known for. She is working on gradually taking Atali to a ‘zero residue’ goal, adding to its vegetable, herb and lettuce and even fruit plantations.

Atali Ganga and The Clay Company come together to host many a ceramic workshops for offering a unique and beautiful setting for ceramic artists and students alike, to dabble in clay create special works of art.

With Aquaterra she has found the perfect fit for her passion for the outdoors and has rafted the Ganga, Tons, and Subansiri in India as well as the Futaleufu river in Chile. She loves wildlife and trekking and intends to cover all the rivers in the Aquaterra portfolio in the next 5 years!

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