Guiding since the beginning of organised and serious adventure travel in the country, he has been at the forefront of conceiving, planning and executing trips that were considered too audacious to run. He is responsible for opening up remote Himalayan valleys to adventure tourism, and has helped open up Indian river running like none before – with rivers like the Tons 19 years after it was run in its entirety, the Siang (Upper Brahmaputra), Subansari, Lohit in Arunachal Pradesh, the Pindar. Several of these trips are run by our company alone.

There is growing acceptance amongst domestic guests to holiday differently. A growing segment, that has been there and done that, wants to collect experiences that are different.

He has guided on the big international biggies like the Yangtze in Yunan, Karnali in Nepal’s wild west, Zambezi in the Batoka gorge, the Futaleufu in Chile, the Ahansel in Morocco and the Colorado in the Grand Canyon. Belonging to the Garhwal Himlaya himself, he has been on climbing expeditions in the Himalaya and beyond, including Stok Kangri, CB 13, Bhartekhunta, Kilimanjaro, Bhetiara ka Danda, Auden’s Col, Sahasratal, and one of the most elusive mountains in recent time, Gya, which was eventually located through Kala’s-Nullah. Vaibhav has now finished setting up our Activotel Resort – Atali, Ganga

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